Matthäikirchhof Leipzig

October 2023 to December 2023

The work deals with the squares in Leipzig's city centre that characterise the cityscape, as well as their typical connections, and continues these structures to the city's historical origins. As a result, Leipzig's city centre is expanded and opened up to the west, creating an open, fresh and sustainable quarter for all Leipzig residents, guests and visitors. The northern structure of the city centre is being confidently expanded. Characteristic blocks and thoroughfares on the Promenadenring, from Park Schwanenteich to Richard-Wagner-Platz and Park am Dittrichring/Märchenbrunnen, will be supplemented by 3 new building plots. The connections between the construction sites run orthogonally towards the Promenadenring and form a prelude and a conclusion to the city centre on the north-western Promenadenring.

Client & Architect


  • Alexander Pfeiffer


  • Adnane Benzakri
  • Illia Bidnyi
  • Madleinne Wagdy Farag Zaky Boghdady

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