Natural History Museum and State Archives Basel

November 2014 to December 2014

5th prize

"Located within the Volta district, the new building for the Natural History Museum of Basel and the State Archives of Basel-Stadt is a new urban landmark and represents the opportunity to convert a cultural building into a meeting place. Three clear geometric structures identify the new building in the neighborhood and allow it to naturally integrate into its immediate urban environment: a longitudinal element exploits the maximum permitted height of 18m, redefi ning the limits of the path, creating a small public space in front of the museum; a vertical structure, with a total height of 40m, is perceived as a new monument within the city; and a wide entrance hall renews Vogesenplatz, the existing square in front of the building. International competition."

(URL:, Stand 13.01.2016)

Client & Architect


  • Roberto Valls Domenech


  • Santiago Mañero Navarro

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Natural History Museum and State Archives Basel is this client's first project.