Headquarter Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG

In April 2014

Competition: Special Recognition

"Benthem Crouwel received a special recognition for their design in the competition for the new headquarter of the ´Stadtwerke Wolfsburg´. The site of the new building is in direct vicinity of Zaha Hadis´s Phaeno building and defines the entrance to Volkswagen´s Autostadt as well as the entrance to the city center. The program asked for offices, meeting spaces, cafeteria and a costumer area. The existing building of the Stadtwerke had to be integrated within the new scheme."

(Benthem Couwel Architects, URL: http://www.benthemcrouwel.nl/news/, Stand 16.06.2014)

Client & Architect


  • Alexander Pfeiffer


  • Dennis Bonaventura
  • Felix Volland