Hamburg Hafen

In May 2010

"The two Waterfront Towers are located in Hamburg Hafen City’s Ueberseequartier along the banks of the River Elbe. The arrangement of the two towers and their underlying plinth in relation to the adjacent block enables the Waterfront Towers to guide sight lines, ensure the rhythmic continuation of the boulevard and open up views to the nearby river Elbe. The urban scale of the surroundings is reflected in the dimensions of the towers which, by adding rhythm to the staggered positioning of the wharf, demarcate a ‘gateway’ at the end of the boulevard. This urban programme is further activated by 360 degree facades with entrances and lobbies to the north, whilst landscaped elements are located adjacent to the terraces on the South. Both day and evening activation occurs from the plinth programme, signaling and promoting urban vitality. On both tower tops sky gardens allow panoramic views over the harbour and the city. The low level of the plinth creates a direct programmatic connection to the public and to visitors and enables the plinth programme to align directly with the public landscape of the harbour. The volume of the tower is shaped by a crystalline geometry of the facades, with the articulation of the glazing creating multifaceted reflective qualities. The lower floors of the building are characterised by maximum transparency, where the transition from outer to inner space is not impeded but instead affords visual continuity. The vitality of the exterior space and the connection to activities inside the building is made possible by barrier-free access at ground level, which in turn emphasises the accessibility of a clear and effective programme."

(UNStudio, URL:, Status 03.06.2014)

Client & Architect


  • Alexander Pfeiffer


  • Stefan Amann
  • Felix Volland