Bologna Masterplan and Train Station

In April 2008

The extension for the Central Station of Bologna has the multi-folded role being a key node on the transport network as well as an important block in the urban fabric bridging the historical division of the city. After a diagnosis of the potentials and strengths of the city the design develops an especially tailored programme for each of the different user groups, creating a neighbourhood with new streets, boulevards, squares and city functions which benefit the transport user and local residents alike. The luminous heart of the station with the intricate structure provides a distinct and unique identity, offering a different experience on each visit and celebrating the act of traveling. A delicate steel structure is installed 20 metres above the tracks, functioning as a roof which covers - and thereby combines - all areas of the station.

Client & Architect


  • Felix Volland


  • Stefan Amann
  • Jens Kampermann
  • Moritz Krogmann
  • Davit Mulugeta