Who are rendertaxi?

rendertaxi is an internationally active visualisation studio, with the main focus being architecture.

The founders and creative heads of the office are Alexander Pfeiffer and Felix Volland, both architects with more than 10 years of experience in both architecture and visualisation.
Beside their passion for visualisation they also run their own office pfeiffer.volland architekten, take part in competitions and realise their own projects.

The team includes experts with a diverse set of backgrounds: architects, multimedia designers, photographers, graphic artists and image editors.
Owing to the size and skill of our team, we can finish complex and time-sensitive projects quickly and to an exceptionally high standard.

Our services include: architectural visualisations, photographs, animations, interactive 3D worlds, graphics, rapid prototyping, architectural models, motion graphics, verified photo compositions and also computer-aided manufacturing for the building and construction industry.

How does rendertaxi work?

The successful collaboration and communication with our clients is based on architectural understanding and the ability to transfer their concept into the desired scene.
We combine our experience as architects and our curiosity of cutting-edge computer graphics with our creativity and devotion to create highly expressive images.
Various image styles can emerge from the process: from an abstract and concept-oriented illustration through to a perfect simulation of space and light in a photorealistic image.
Our aim is always to distill the essence, aesthetics and the function of an object in order to present it in the best way possible.

We are always striving to improve what we do. We create things we love and enjoy.

It’s both our devotion to pushing the boundaries of visualisation, and our love for what we do that allows us to create such atmospheric and detailed images. Your clients are sure to be impressed.

Why „rendertaxi“?

Initially our wish was to travel direct to the clients door in a custom van equipped as a mobile studio, so that communication could be immediate, continuous and face-to-face.

But rather than travel around Europe, we decided it would be better to stay at one place and use modern communications technologies instead. We still prefer face-to-face meetings however, especially for preliminary talks.

Where is rendertaxi?

Rendertaxi was founded in 2004 in Aachen and has its head office in the city right next to the RWTH Aachen University.
Since 2013 we have a second base in Barcelona managed by Roberto Valls. He worked for several years in the office in Aachen before becoming office leader and partner in Barcelona.

Our workstations are equipped with Rhinoceros, Cinema 4D, VRay and Maxwell Render. For postproduction we most often use Adobe Photoshop, After Effects or Premiere Pro .

We are also a supporter of green energy and our offices run on renewable sources.