New Street Station

März 2008 bis April 2008

The two main considerations in the design for the New Street Station are the station as a part of the urban fabric and as a node of the travelling network. The atrium plays an important role in the station's identity. At the heart of the station a direct connection is introduced, allowing the users to use the retail facilities while waiting for their departure. The escalators organize the concourse while the bridge at the centre of the atrium links different points of the retail level. The large structure of the roof mirrors the geometry of the bridge below, allowing for a column free space. The atrium establishes a further level of familiarity with the external façade by using the same materials. The façade material becomes glass where transparency is desirable, integrates lighting where necessary and transforms into highly glossy metal, with the reflection offering new surprising views.

Kunde & Architekt


  • Felix Volland


  • Stefan Amann
  • Moritz Krogmann