Bridge over the Ijssel

Im Juni 2007

In the design for the new Ijssel Bridge a connection was sought with the existing truss bridges in the area. However in this design, the truss bridge typology is combined with a cable construction, creating transparency and minimising the width of the deck. The railing, sound barriers and overhead wiring are incorporated into the overall design. The fluent silhouette of the two asymmetric, crossing trusses forms a link with the surrounding landscape, whilst on both sides of the river the deck joins the river banks by means of a fluid landscape treatment. The outer sides of the trusses are coloured in a light, bluish grey which reacts to the surrounding water and skies. The interior colour refers to the typical orange rooftops found in the mainly green Ijssel landscape.

Kunde & Architekt


  • Felix Volland


  • Christoph Wasserhoven